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CALI Annouces end to Mandatory Continuing Education Bill

11 Aug 2009 5:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
CALI Announcement
RE: SB202
California Association of Licensed Investigators
1215 K Street Suite 2290
Sacramento, California 95814
Since September 2007, CALI has been involved in a legislative process to research and seek continuing education standards for licensed investigators in California.
CALI sponsored SB 1282 [Margett] that passed through each house of the State Legislature successfully with overwhelming majority support and without opposition by any state administrative official or agency. The bill was vetoed in September 2008 along with a number of other bills that Governor Schwarzenegger stated were not important during the budget crisis. CALI disagreed with his analysis.
In 2009, CALI continued the effort and sponsored essentially the same bill [SB 202, Harman]. This bill has also proceeded through both houses, this time without even one "nay" vote and sixty-six "aye" votes. In July 2009, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and the Department of Finance (DOF) sent letters to Senator Harman indicating their opposition to SB 202.
Previously, CALI representatives were successful in resolving issues concerning financing and were confident that the minor=2 0financial obstacles issues could be overcome with DOF and the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
CALI contacted Secretary of State and Consumer Services Agency, Fred Aguiar to discuss the DCA opposition position. As you are aware, the position of DCA Director has been vacant since the resignation of Carrie Lopez, and the Secretary is the cabinet-level official who oversees DCA and the Director. Secretary Aguiar reports directly to the Governor.
Representatives of CALI met with Secretary Fred Aguiar. During this meeting, he very candidly stated that he did not believe SB 202, or any other proposed CE program would be supported by his administration or by the Governor. Further, he stated that the administration had a long-standing position of opposition to CE.
At approximately the same time Senator Harman received the DCA opposition letter, a letter was also received in opposition to a CE bill calling for continuing education for licensed Architects [AB 623 Emmerson]. The Architects bill was unopposed in both houses and also passed without a "nay" vote. It was very clear from our meeting that any CE measure would be opposed by Secretary Aguiar and the Administration.
After careful consideration of the current situation with SB 202, including consultations with Senator Harman's office, CALI recommends that SB 202 remain in suspense status in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. No further efforts will be made by CALI or Senator Harman to re-introduce SB 202 in an y form.
CALI thanks Senator Harman for all the hard work and effort he and his staff have devoted to SB 202 and for their interest in pursuing legislation on behalf of CALI. During this process CALI forged a strong working relationship with Senator Harman and many legislators. CALI opened doors that were previously closed before SB 1282 / 202 and the process of educating legislators about the real work licensed investigators do will benefit our profession for years to come.
CALI will continue to work to keep those doors open; we are going to need them when bills are introduced to restrict our access to information essential to our professions. This has been critical to our previous legislative efforts, including our recent successes in preventing the passage of legislation prohibiting pretext, stopping passage of legislation prohibiting the use of credit reports for employment purposes, and defeating legislation to provide process servers with an exemption from the PI Act.
During the SB 1282 / SB 202 effort CALI received strong support from legislators and the private sector. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and many other consumer friendly groups supported SB 202 and sent very thoughtful letters to the legislature.
Further CALI is grateful to the several other authors of the bill [Senators Sam Aanestad, Dave Cox, Denise Ducheny, and Mark Wyland] and co-authors [Assembly Members Anthony Adams, Ted Gaines, Martin Garrick, Isadore Hall, Dave Jones, and Jim Silv a] who have put their names forth in support of SB 202.
With every end there is a beginning and CALI hopes those opposed to SB 202 can recognize that political passion has its time and place and that time is now past. We need to find common ground to work towards protecting our profession from both unlicensed activity and the activities of those already licensed who bring our industry into disrepute. Those people should not enjoy the benefits of our hard work and sacrifice.
Near the end of this long process, there appeared to be an opportunity to use SB 202 as an enforcement bill to empower BSIS to issue citations and abate unlicensed investigation activity. While BSIS enjoys some enforcement power, it must still rely on District Attorney and City Attorney offices in California to initiate criminal actions. BSIS desires more tools to be able to truly enforce unlicensed activity; CALI supports their call for more enforcement of this major problem.
After much debate and consideration, CALI believes it would be in everyone's best interest to consider an enforcement bill at the beginning of the 2010 legislative session rather than do so this year. This will give all parties time to research the issue, conduct surveys and focus groups, meet with licensed investigators and other associations throughout California and learn whether or not our industry is willing to support such a bill.
Many lessons have been learned during the past two years and we hope those lessons can be translated into something positive for all licensed investigators in California. This is a time to heal wounds and reunite for causes that our members and the industry can and will support; we hope a stronger unlicensed activity bill will be one of those causes that can unite rather than divide.
Once again, CALI extends it's thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of hard working licensed investigators, attorneys, associations and citizens who encouraged and assisted with SB 202. Thank you!
CALI will continue working to offer its members educational benefits they can use to better their work in their profession.
Board of Directors
California Association of Licensed Investigators
Lita Abella
John Bryant
Sean Ditty
Anne Fields
Andy Hanson
Justin Hodson
Roy Howat
Frank Huntington
Francie Koehler
Graham McGruer
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Riley Parker                                                                   
Chris Reynolds
Robert Rice
Ed Saucerman
Jan Tucker
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